Feature Release: Scheduled Reports

Written by Indicative Team


You asked and we delivered! Scheduled Reports!

We’re excited to announce our newest feature, Scheduled Reports! If you’ve ever wanted a report sent directly to you and your team on a regular basis, this is the feature for you.

Scheduled Reports will allow you to create periodic reports from any Indicative dashboard, making it easier to share daily metrics, track weekly KPIs or stay up to date with the data insights most important to you.

Democratize data and enhance shared access across organizations. This in turn will increase understanding, translating into fast decision making and more agile teams.

To set up a scheduled report, simply open a dashboard, then click ‘Reports’ in the upper right. For best results, edit the layout in ‘Print Mode’ by selecting ‘Layout’ and then adjusting the ‘Display Mode’. Choose your report, the day and time that you would like to receive it, and it will be automatically sent to your email. Include key stakeholders or external partners. The report will be in a PDF form and will contain a link to the dashboard display. 

Here’s more information on how to get started:

  • Learn more about and start creating your Scheduled Reports.
  • If you are a Pro or Enterprise customer, you can start right away!
  • If you are a Free customer, request a 2-week trial by contacting us.

If you need any help setting up your Scheduled Reports or want more information, you can always reach out to our Support via in-app chat.