What Is Deep Learning?

Written by Indicative Team


Deep Learning Defined

Deep learning is a machine learning technique, aimed at teaching computers to learn by the incorporation of algorithms which structure and function is modelled the hum brain. Deep learning is a type of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Deep learning involves a computer model learning to perform tasks from sounds, images or text. This is through the use of neural network architectures. These types of models are trained by using large sets of labeled data and neural network architectures that learn features directly from the data without the need for manual feature extraction.

In its simplest form, this type of learning can be thought of as a way to automate predictive analytics. 

Traditional machine learning algorithms are linear,  with 2-3 hidden layers, while deep learning algorithms are stacked in a hierarchy of increasing complexity and abstraction. These networks can have upto 150 hidden labels.

Deep learning is a key technology behind driverless cars.

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