What Is Data Variety?

Written by Indicative Team


Data Variety Defined

Data variety refers to the different sources in which data is collected from. These sources could extend from one source, such as one social media site, to multiple social media sites and could include data such as structured, unstructured and semi structured.

Data variety is an important attribute of big data, as it can affect the significance of the inferences made from the data. The more varied user/customer data an organisation has,  the more multifaceted view it can develop about its users/customers. This in turn helps enable businesses to develop customer journey maps and generate personalization.

Data that is high velocity, high volume and high variety must be processed with advanced tools, such as analytics and algorithms to reveal in-depth information for decisions.

Variety is apart of specific attributes of big data. The other attributes include:

In Data Defined, we help make the complex world of data more accessible by explaining some of the most complex aspects of the field.

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