What Is A Data Custodian?

Written by Indicative Team


Data Custodian Defined

A data custodian is an administration type role that is oversees or is related to the storage, aggregation and the use of data sets.

Data custodians focus on the “how” instead of the “why” of data storage. Data custodians have the ability to structure or restructure a relational database system, work with middle-ware to serve a central data warehouse, or provide schemes or workflows that show how databases are structured. This type of administration role can be involved with the data government governance team.

A data custodian ensures that:

  • Access to the data is authorized and controlled
  • Data stewards are identified for each data set
  • Technical processes sustain data integrity
  • Processes exist for data quality issue resolution in partnership with Data Stewards
  • Technical controls safeguard data
  • Data added to data sets are consistent with the common data model
  • Versions of Master Data are maintained along with the history of changes
  • Change management practices are applied in maintenance of the database
  • Data content and changes can be audited

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