What Is A Customer Data Platform?

Written by Indicative Team


Customer Data Platform Defined

A customer data platform or CDP is a software that aggregates and organizes customer data across a variety of touchpoints. The aim of the CDP is to collate and stitch together customer data from a variety of first, second and third party sources into unified customer profiles.

The type of data collected by CDP can either be:

By collecting different types of data it allows for a more comprehensive view and better understanding of customers in real time.

The CDP data collected can be separated into different categories including:

  • Transactional and order data 
  • Behavioural, web and mobile data 
  • Profile data
  • Product data 

By aggregating and unifying data from different touchpoints, CDPs can help organizations get a more complete understanding of their customer’s behavior, delivering consistent messaging and transactional experience across all digital channels.

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