What Is Conversation Analytics?

Written by Indicative Team


Conversation Analytics Defined

Conversational analytics is based upon the natural language processing (NLP) concept of computers understanding the human language which in turn enables computers to be posed queries that can be answered verbally. NLP gives non-technical business users an easier way to ask query complex data to provide output and explanations of insights.

Conversational analytics benefits businesses through its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.The AI navigates through data in a way that enables users to extract the correct data sets from multiple sources and makes it available via voice or type queries. 

Other benefits of conversation analytics are:

  • Time – Conversation analytics removes the need to think about how to receive the data. Users only need to think about what information is needed.
  • Accuracy – Human error is removed as machines are programmed to select needed data, aggregate and prepare the data for you.
  • Mobility –  of conversational AI interfaces means that it is in all devices and a standalone application is not required, allowing users to receive insights whenever they need.
  • Democratization – conversation analytics allows anyone to extract and understand data.

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