August 2023 Product Update

Written by James Fang


Our team has been hard at work the past couple of months and we’re excited to share some juicy product updates! There’s a common thread amongst all of these releases and it’s about putting your insights into action.

Turn Insights Into Action With Segment Activation

Identifying friction in the user experience is key to increasing your user engagement and conversion rate. But generating insights is only half the battle. To maximize outcomes, product and marketing teams need to be able to turn insights into action by automatically re-engaging users that have dropped off.

With Segment Activation, we’ve unlocked the ability to uncover points of friction in a user’s journey using Multipath Funnels or Segmentation analysis, and then nudge users who’ve stalled or dropped off to take the next step towards a desired action. With one button click, you can now activate Indicative Segments in any of mParticle’s 80+ Audience outputs.

Segment Activation

For example, let’s say you want to experiment with a new onboarding flow. Thanks to your multi-funnel analysis, you’ve uncovered that a large cohort of users do not progress between steps C and D. You can now take action by sending a friendly email to users “stuck” on step C, with the intention of getting them through the entire onboarding flow and ultimately improving their engagement. This is accomplished through simply syncing your user segment to the mParticle CDP, and sending that list of users via mParticle Audiences to your customer engagement platform or loyalty platform. Learn how!

Introducing Assisted Analytics

With all the innovation that’s happening around GPT and generative AI, we’ve been hard at work incorporating this technology into Indicative! Announcing Indicative Assisted Analysis, a new AI-powered assistant that saves teams time and frees up data analyst resources. Utilize AI in Segmentation to quickly examine your charts, and immediately receive insights that you can act on.  

assisted analysis

Now with a click of a button, customers can interpret their query results and summarize findings into a short set of bullet points highlighting: highs and lows, outliers, trends, and more. In addition, Assisted Analysis will also provide recommendations on possible improvements to optimize for the desired outcome, such as improving conversion. Learn more!

Other Improvements

  • The mParticle CDP to Indicative integration now supports more fields:
    • Web and Mobile Web attributes like screen width and height
    • Attribute lists like calculated attributes appear as a comma-delimited list
  • To increase security for customers, you will be logged out after 30 days