What Is Attribution?

Written by Indicative Team


Attribution Defined

Attribution is the analytical practice of determining which marketing tactics such as channels and messages, are contributing to business sales or conversions. This analytical practice is undertaken  by evaluating the marketing touchpoints a consumer encounters on customer journey resulting in a purchase.

The attribution model, is the rule, or set of rules that determines how conversion credit is assigned to different touchpoints.

Attribution is typically applied to more digital campaigns compared to offline campaigns due to the feasibility of conversion measurement.

Attribution models can be either single-touch or multi-touch.

Within single touch attribution the models include:

Within multi touch attribution the models include:

  • Linear attribution
  • Time decay attribution
  • U-shaped attribution

Attribution models are beneficial to businesses as they:

  • Optimizes Marketing Spend
  • Increases ROI
  • Improves Product Development
  • Optimizes Creative

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