What Is Apache Thrift?

Written by Indicative Team


Apache Thrift Defined

Apache Thrift is a software framework that provides clean abstractions for data transport, data serialization, and application level processing. It is a set of code-generation tools that allows developers to build RPC clients and servers by just defining the data types and service interfaces in a simple definition file.

Thrift supports a number of protocols:

  • TBinaryProtocol – Is a straightforward binary format. This format is simple but is not optimized for space efficiency.
  • TCompactProtocol – Is a more compact binary format; typically more efficient to process.
  • TJSONProtocol – Uses JSON for encoding of data.
  • TSimpleJSONProtocol – A write-only protocol that cannot be parsed by Thrift because it drops metadata using JSON. 

Some stated benefits of Thrift including;

  • Being a cross-language serialization with a low overhead.
  • A lean and clean library.
  • It has predefined serialization styles including: binary, HTTP-friendly and compact binary.
  • It doubles as a cross-language file serialization.
  • It having no build dependencies or non-standard software.

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