What Is Apache Drill?

Written by Indicative Team


Apache Drill Defined

Apache Drill is an open source distributed SQL query engine that delivers fast and secure, self-service business information SQL analytics at scale. 

Apache Drill supports high performance analysis on semi structured and evolving data retrieved from big data applications. At the core of this software, is the ‘Drillbit’ service, which is responsible for accepting the request from clients, processing the queries, and then returning the results to the clients.

Apache Drill supports a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases and file systems resulting in a single query joining data from multiple datastores. 

Apache Drill features include:

  • Schema Discoverycompiling and then re-compiling the query during the initial execution.
  • Columnar Representation – allowing the performance of low cost SQL processing on complex data without shifting the data to be represented in rows.
  • Joinsallows users to customize the way in which they join tables, either by distributed or broadcast joins
  • Interfaceconnect to Apache Drill through the following interfaces; Drill Shell, Drill Webui

Apache Drill can be integrated with several sources such as Hive, HBase, MongoDB, file system, RDBMS. Alternatives to Apache Drill are Presto, Apache Spark, Apache Calcite, Slick and Sequel Pro.

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