What Is Amazon Web Services?

Written by Indicative Team


Amazon Web Services Defined

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides a suite of secure, on-demand, cloud-computing platforms.  These platforms are designed to work with each other to result in highly scalable applications.  

The service provided by AWS are categorized under a particular domain. These domains include: compute, storage, database, migration, network and content delivery, management tools, security & identity compliance and messaging. 

  • Compute services include: EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon LightSail. 
  • Storage services include: S3, Elastic Block Store, Amazon Glacier, AWS Snowball. 
  • Database services include: Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Redshift.
  • Migration services include: AWS database Migration Service and AWS Snowball. 
  • Network and content delivery services include: Amazon Route 53 and AWS Cloudfront. 
  • Management tools services domain includes: AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation and AWS CloudTrail
  • Security & Identity Compliance domain includes: AWS IAM, AWS KMS and AWS Shield. 
  • Messaging services include: Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint. 

AWS enables businesses to run applications, ecommerce and all of their infrastructure in the cloud, relieving business of the costs of maintaining, monitoring and hosting their own infrastructures.

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