What Is Amazon S3?

Written by Indicative Team


Amazon S3 Defined

Amazon S3 is a cloud service offered by Amazon Web Service and is short for Amazon Simple Storage Service. This service is an object storage service, built for storing and recovering any amount of information or data through a web service interface.  

This service can store any type and amount of data and uses a simple key-based object store, meaning businesses can assign a unique object key that can be later used to retrieve the data. These object stores are then organized into buckets, which are linked to an Amazon Web Services account.  

There are four different storage classes, offering different levels of availability, durability and performance. 

  • Amazon S3 Standard
  • Amazon S3 Standard Infrequent Access
  • Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access 
  • Amazon Glacier

This service provides users with reduced redundancy storage, strong security authentication of regionally stored data and provide representational state transfer and simple object access protocol web service interfaces which are built to operate with any type of web development toolkit. 

Alternatives include; Microsoft Azure and open-source services like Openstack Swift.

At Indicative, we pride ourselves on our data warehouse integration. We can integrate with Amazon S3, connecting to your event data for customer analysis. Contact us to learn more.

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