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How Customer Data Strengthened Relationships with Theatergoers Around the World

Product Analytics has been a central part of TodayTix’s growth story. Indicative helps TodayTix, the world’s leading theatre ticketing platform, understand real-time customer journey data and leverage these insights to democratize decision-making across the company, while strengthening relationships with theatergoers around the world. 

  • Democratize decision-making across teams
  • Conserve software development resources
  • Implement analytics that can scale with the business
  • Gain insight into real-time customer journeys
  • Build more robust and efficient data analytics processes
  • Ensure successes are more predictable

“A tool is only as good as the people willing to use it. You have to build a culture around data obsession and invest people in caring about outcomes over outputs. Our next step is to continuously get better at sizing opportunities. Prioritization should be more of a science than an art and we can use Indicative to not only recognize where the majority of our customers are, but to be forward looking in predicting how many will be impacted by changes we make across our products.”

Thomas de Simon

Vice President Product

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