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Marketing professionals utilize the Indicative platform to get the most out of their campaigns, optimize customer acquisition and grow customer LTV.

“With Indicative, I can analyze the complete customer journey without writing a SQL query or needing a data analyst. Indicative joins our customers’ interactions across our paid media, communication channels, mobile application, and website into one cohesive view, empowering my team to measure the efficacy of their work and answer their own questions on a daily basis.”

Emily Herring, Head of Marketing at INWEGO

INWEGO is a B2C subscription company that gives their members a ticket to hundreds of sports, concerts and local events every year, all for one monthly subscription. INWEGO is gearing up for rapid expansion throughout the United States, and is a part of the Cox Enterprises family of companies.

INWEGO sought a solution that would provide them with a comprehensive view of the customer journey and scale with them as they grow. Using Indicative, Emily’s team optimizes their omnichannel marketing strategy, ranging from top-of-funnel website traffic all the way down to subscriptions purchased in-app, all without leveraging a data analyst.

  • Optimize customer acquisition by comparing and honing in on the most valuable channels and campaigns.
  • Increase customer LTV by identifying the shared behaviors and characteristics of the most loyal customers.
  • Maximize retention by understanding where, how, and why customers are engaging throughout their lifecycle.
  • Build dashboards on the fly to monitor and share valuable KPIs throughout the customer journey.

Don’t get left behind in a data-driven world. Get ahead and empower your marketing strategy.

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