How We’re Helping During COVID-19

Written by Indicative Team


COVID-19 has been tough on everyone. As a company based in New York City and Los Angeles, the Indicative team is living the stories that the media is talking about. But we’re healthy, our partners are resilient, and we want to help.

Over the past month, we’ve seen our customers make remarkable judgment calls in spite of uncertain times. These stories are inspiration fuel. We want to be a part of what comes next. When we learn together, we are better equipped to solve problems together. 

With this blog post, we aim to start constructive conversations with anyone who needs our help.

How we’re thinking about COVID-19

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-lifetime existential crisis, which means that nobody can predict the consequences of what’s going to happen. Analytics can help companies navigate ambiguity. 

Now is the time when businesses need to be making their best decisions, to support the wellbeing of their employees and global population. The question is how.

Every company in the world, Indicative included, needs to figure things out for the first time. During this time, companies will make crucial judgment calls. Data can create change. As a customer analytics company with a global customer base, Indicative is in a unique position to help. 

How Indicative can help you

Here’s how our team is equipped to offer during this time:

  • A COVID-19 dashboard.  Our team created a dashboard using our software to make it easier to monitor COVID-related data in different regions globally. Fortunately, we out-grew the need of constant monitoring as the world began to overcome the virus. Data sources included Johns Hopkins University, The New York Times, and The COVID Tracking Project. Here are a few legacy images:

Indicative's data visualization of COVID-19 data

Visualization of COVID-19 data ingested inside Indicative's dashboard

Indicative COVID-19 tracker dashboard - US state view

Indicative COVID-19 tracker dashboard - US state list view

  • Data advisory support.  We want to help you figure out your strategy. Anyone can use extra brainstorming support right now. If you need help to better understand your internal data or how you can use it to be a more data-driven organization, let us know. 
  • Financial assistance.  We want to help any business impacted by the COVID crisis. If you’re struggling, we will provide our analytics platform free or substantially discounted until you’re back on your feet. We’ll make assessments on a case by case basis, to the level of support that we can offer.
  • Helping people learn. Everybody’s exhausted right now. Very few of us are operating at peak productivity. It’s important to be taking more time to decompress.

But if you want to keep growing intellectually, we can help. We’ll be supporting you with stuff to learn. Here are some of our favorite data-focused podcasts, to start.

Reach out, if you need us

Behind the scenes of our software company, we are a team of humans who value our relationships with others, deeply. We’re here to help.