Data-Driven Companies Use Indicative To:

Convert and engage more customers

Optimizing conversion and engagement requires understanding why different customers take different actions.

Indicative intelligently guides you to discover the behavioral patterns unique to high value customers, and the actions you need to take get more of them.

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Build features people want

Building great products requires more than just listening to what customers say. You have to see what they do and how they interact with your business.

Indicative allows you to create custom feature groupings on the fly to analyze product and feature specific usage without writing any code or modifying your integration.

Then, you can create KPIs to see how different customer segments use different features to determine where to focus your efforts.

After you’ve deployed new features, use Indicative to track how your user engagement and retention are affected to demonstrate the ROI of what you’ve built.

› NEW: Download our white paper on building products people want

Every product manager on our team uses Indicative to monitor their KPIs. They’re measuring how their releases are going, identifying potential problems, and pinpointing areas of opportunity.

Benjy Boxer | Director of Product Strategy at NewsCred

Retain more customers

The true secret to growth is customer retention. Acquiring new customers can cost up to 10 times as much as keeping existing customers.

Indicative shows you behavior patterns that are associated with retained users vs those that churn.

Then, use Indicative to see what interventions are most effective at retaining your users.

Understand the complete picture of customer behavior

For most businesses, customer interactions has become exponentially more complex.

There are many potential customer touchpoints, spanning web apps, mobile apps, databases, marketing automation systems, CRM tools, and help desks, and more.

Together, these interactions generate massive amounts of disconnected behavioral data, making it almost impossible for growth marketers to determine what actions to take to increase conversion and engagement for different customer groups.

Indicative connects all of your behavioral data sources together to create a unified view of customer behavior to help you quickly identify opportunities and spot issues.

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