Indicative makes all connected data available for querying in real-time in a web browser.

Lightning-fast query responses

By connecting to data wherever it’s stored or generated using its proprietary caching layer, Indicative can execute complex queries and calculations on billions of data points in seconds.

This means lightning-fast query responses, and more time spent generating insights, not waiting for a query to return or a cube to build.

100% Native to the Web

Indicative is 100% native to the the web, and requires no desktop downloads or server installs.

This means no software updates and no hardware maintenance, and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Public and Private Cloud

Indicative has both public and private cloud options to match your data security and governance needs.

With fine-grained control over your cloud options, data never has to leave your infrastructure and you can leverage your existing IT security policies and investments.

Indicative’s unique caching layer means that all your data is available for querying in Indicative without requiring data replication or mirroring.

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