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Get more out of your Snowplow data with Indicative!

Sophisticated event data analysis requires a huge amount of SQL to answer simple but important questions about customer journey. Indicative takes a radical and fresh approach to this problem. Anyone can ask and answer these important questions, without falling back on complicated SQL.

Yali Sassoon

Co-Founder & CEO, Snowplow Analytics

Indicative is the most powerful product analytics platform to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention. 

Get more out of your Snowplow data with Indicative!

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Understand your customers as people, not data points.  

Optimize acquisition by pinpointing your highest value channels

Increase your LTV by identifying what drives your most loyal customers

Maximize retention by understanding when and how your customers engage

Get insights in seconds, not days

Analyze the full customer journey, not just a piece of it

Unlock behavioral analysis not possible in SQL

Engage and retain customers by understanding their actions

Optimize your product by identifying points of friction

Drive your product roadmap and measure feature adoption

Identify behaviors that lead to higher conversion rates

Learn how different groups of customers interact with your product

Analyze the complete effect of your A/B tests from acquisition and conversion to engagement


Product Details

For Marketing Teams:

For Product Teams:

For Data Analysts:

Customer Journey

Understand which behaviors and touchpoints are key to customer acquisition

Use data to identify and eliminate points of friction across different segments of customers

Slice your marketing funnel to compare multiple paths and conversion rates side by side

People Insights

Drill down into the full journey and session activity of every customer, even when they are anonymous

Create and export segments of customers for highly personalized messaging

Leverage specific customer segments to optimize product implementations and marketing campaigns


Keep your customers engaged by analyzing their actions over time

Identify customers with high LTV, rather than those likely to churn

Create and analyze complex cohorts based on time, behaviors, and characteristics



Keep track of KPIs at a glance with drag-and-drop dashboards and bookmarks

Share dashboards with your team for collaborative analysis, while keeping works-in-progress private

Customize and export your visuals to create presentations and periodic reports

Indicative gives you all this for free!

1 billion free user actions per month

Easy integration to where your data lives

Full access to behavioral analytics platform

Unlimited number of user seats

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface


Empower your business with Indicative.