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If you’re already using Segment to collect website or app data, it’s simple to get started with Indicative and start optimizing your customer engagement right away.

Indicative connects to all your sources of behavior data, synthesizes them into a complete view, and gives you the actionable insights you need to grow your customer base and build great products.

Behavior data enables actionable insights that help drive better product and marketing decisions. Growth marketers, product managers, and data analysts use Indicative to optimize customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Indicative’s easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to create complex queries without any code or SQL. Build reverse funnels, chart complex calculations, and drill down into individual user insights without relying on a data scientist.

Indicative makes data management accessible to any user - no code required. Simply point and click to rename, relabel, and join data series together using Indicative’s data manager.

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