Indicative's guide to making data-driven product decisions

When building a SaaS product roadmap, good product managers listen to what their customers say, but great product managers watch what their customers do using behavioral data. The only way to truly understand your customers is to analyze how they actually use your SaaS product and engage with your business.

A data-driven approach to product roadmapping can vastly speed up hypothesis testing and keep customer interviews focused and relevant. This process of understanding customer behavior using data is called Behavioral Analysis.

Behavioral Analysis gives you unbiased, data-driven insights into the "who, what, when, and where" of your customer engagement to help you understand the "why" so you can increase engagement and retention with your SaaS product.

So just how do you turn app behavioral data into qualitative roadmap insights?

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This guide will tell you how to:

  • Uncover patterns in user engagement in your SaaS product
  • See what customers do before and after they engage with a specific feature
  • Identify what is keeping customers engaged and what is causing churn
  • Use your findings to prioritize your roadmap

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