Product Update – Query Labeling and More

We’ve added a new feature to our Segmentation and Funnel tools and expanded the functionality of our Properties and Project settings.

Query Labeling in Segmentation and Funnel Tools – You can now label different parts of a query within the query builder in the Segmentation and Funnels tools. This enables users to add context to their queries, distinguish which dataset corresponds to what filters in complex queries, and control what labels are shown in the Chart and Table Window. Query lines will automatically be assigned an auto-generated label, to customize this, simply click in the box and start typing.

Click on the minus symbol at the left of the dataset to hide complex queries and show only the query label. These labels remain saved to the query when saved as a Bookmark, Dashboard, or shared by URL.

Here’s how you’ll see labeling in the Segmentation and Funnel tools:


segmentation labeling


Funnel labeling

Property Data Types – In the Data Manager you can now manually assign a data type to a property as a string or numeric value. This allows you to override Indicative’s auto-detection to tell the platform how to read property values and thus determine which filtering clause operations are available to perform on a property (“less than,” “contains,” “sum of,” etc.).

Click on any event in the Data Manager to view all associated properties. Then use the dropdown menu to select Numeric, String, or Auto. If you select numeric, all non-numeric values will be unavailable in the “Where” clause autocomplete list.

If you don’t select a property type, Indicative automatically determines data types based on values previously received.

prop data type

Project Settings – In the settings for any individual project, you can now select the timezone, date format, and currency type to display localized versions of both dates and currency. This update is designed to remove confusion around individual user timezone configurations. Navigate to your organization’s projects and click the gear icon to change the settings of any individual project. Note that the currency type is only a display setting and changing it will not convert currency values.

proj settings

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