Product Update – Drop-in-Place Events and More

We wanted to highlight some of the exciting new improvements that we’ve made to the platform over the last couple of weeks, as well as some powerful features you may not know about.

Drop-in-Place Events – You can now drag and drop to replace an event in-place in any query builder in any tool. This makes it much easier to modify queries without having to remove events.

event drop in place

Upgraded User Insights Table – Our User Insights table has been enhanced with updates to the design, increased speed, resizable columns, and fixed header/row features.

User Tool

Cohort Drag and Drop Upgrade – Our Cohorts tool has undergone usability improvements. Now, when you drag in properties and user attributes, our UI is more consistent and guides you better in structuring your query.

cohorts query structure

Bookmark Query Caching – For very large projects that utilize batch loading (e.g. for Enterprise customers with high-volume Adobe Marketing Cloud, Sailthru, Marketo, Salesforce, and some other 3rd party integrations), we now cache bookmarked queries to improve performance for getting those results back. If you have a query for which you’d like to increase performance, e.g. one that covers hundreds of millions of billions of data points, you can bookmark it so that it loads almost instantly.

Overall Improvements – We’ve added some tweaks to several of our analysis tools including:

  • The ability to break pie charts out by many values and on aggregate queries in Segmentation

pie charts segmentation

  • Minor aesthetic changes to the rich tooltip features in the Cohorts and Funnel tools – we’ve added a plus sign to better indicate the capability to drill down into the underlying users or interoperate into another tool.

Cohorts tooltip  Funnels tooltip

  • Titles are now updated properly when you re-open and update Bookmarks and Dashboard widgets.

Links to New Help Center – All of our support links within the app will now direct you to our new help center at

doc site image

mParticle Integration – We’re thrilled to announce that Indicative now offers integration with mParticle in addition to our Segment integration. Now, users of mParticle can sign up to start sending data to Indicative immediately directly through their mParticle account.


Spotlight Feature: Interoperability

Interoperability is an extremely useful, but often underutilized feature of Indicative. Interoperability allows you to push data between tools to analyze it from a different perspective.

Use interoperability to drill down into a group of users within any data point from the Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohorts analysis tools. You can also use interoperability to view the cohort of users that performed a step in any funnel.

segmentation interop

Funnels tooltip     Cohorts tooltip

Your feedback plays an important role in improving our features. Let us know what you think at!

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