Product Update – Custom Events

You can now save an Event with one or multiple Where clause(s) as its own Custom Event. This enables you to repeatedly query on a filtered down event in any analysis tool, without having to rebuild it each time. When saving Custom Events with multiple Where clauses, you can use the “And” clause, but cannot save queries that use “By” or “Or” clauses. Custom Events work with both Properties and User Attributes. By default these events will be added to the “Custom Events” category in the Data Panel, or you can populate your own category when saving the event.

Create Custom Event:

Save Custom Event:

Query on Custom Event:

New Custom Events can be renamed, recategorized, or deleted in the Data Manager. The Data Manager has been updated to make it easier to edit Custom and Joined Events. There is now a “Type” field to the left of the event. Here the icon for regular, Custom, and Joined Events appears and you can click it to delete Joined or Custom Events. You can also filter by event type in the upper right hand corner of the chart.

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