Product Update – “Did Not Do” Clause and More

We’ve added three new features to the Indicative platform.

“Did not Do” Clause – You can now restrict a user set to users who did not complete an event in the past using the “For” clause in Segmentation. This allows you to limit your event sequence by users who successfully completed an event but did not complete another event within the selected timeframe.

After dragging an event into the “For” clause drop zone, the drop zone will now display: “For users who did/did not.” Users can then click the clause and a drop down menu will appear where they can select “did” or “did not.”



Property Categories – You can now categorize Properties and User Attributes respectively in the Data Manager. Properties and User Attributes typically tend to outnumber events, so this enables a cleaner more organized view in the data panel when building queries.


In the Data Manager, click on an event to view all associated properties. This view now includes a column labeled “Property Category.” Simply type in a category for the properties you would like to organize. This functions in the same way as the “Event Category” field. Categorizing a property for one event applies this property category across all events that contain this property. In other words, you don’t have to rename shared properties for each event.


After dragging an event into the query builder and selecting the property tab, you will now see a toggle to “Sort by” either Event or Category. If the toggle is set to “Sort by: Event,” properties will be sorted by the event they are associated with (as they have been organized in the past). Any properties shared between the queried events will be listed first above those unique to each event. If the toggle is set to “Sort by: Category,” properties will sort by the categories defined in the data manager.


User Attributes

In the Data Manager, the “User Attributes” tab now contains a column for “Attribute Category,” where you can create categories for your User Attributes in the same was as you can with Events and Properties. When building a query, the User Attributes tab in the Data Panel will display the attributes grouped by these categories.



Project Description – The Indicative Welcome screen has been updated to show a Project Description field that is customizable for each project in your organization. This Project Description can contain preliminary or overview information about the project.

The Project Description field is populated below Project Name on the Welcome screen, and the Owner or Admin can simply click in the field to add or change the description. Only the Project Owner and Admin have the ability to change this field, but it is visible to all members of the project.


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