Product Update – Annotations Subscribers and More

We’ve made two important updates to our Annotations and Funnels tools.

Annotations Subscribers – We’ve enhanced our annotations function to enable better collaboration between members of your team. Now any internal user can subscribe themselves or other team members to an annotation. Annotations subscribers receive email notifications any time the title or description of the annotation changes. For example, if you create an annotation, you can add team members as subscribers so that you can communicate back and forth within the annotation and receive email updates every time a change is made. This empowers your team to collaborate and converse within the tool and share insights and context.

annotation subscription

Funnel Breakout Limits – Funnel queries will now be limited to the top or bottom 50 breakout results. This update is designed to increase the utility of the visualizations when there are many breakout values. Use the new selector in the query builder to show the top or bottom 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50 results, or view all if there are 50 or less. There is no limitation on the CSV download for Funnels.

funnel breakout limits

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