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Customer analytics, free from limits

The most powerful behavioral analytics platform for marketers, product managers, and analysts to understand the complete customer journey.

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Data is the new currency of modern business.

Data is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity for every industry. We believe in empowering everyone to become data-driven.

You should worry about growing your business, not hitting restrictive data limits.

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Only Indicative gives you all this for free…

  • 1 billion free user actions per month
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Easy integration to where your data lives
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Full access to Indicative’s behavioral analytics platform

Optimize the full customer journey by understanding your customers as people, not data points.

Marketing teams Indicative

  • Optimize acquisition by pinpointing your highest value channels
  • Increase your LTV by identifying what drives your most loyal customers
  • Maximize retention by understanding when and how your customers engage

Product teams Indicative

  • Engage and retain customers by understanding their actions
  • Optimize your product by identifying points of friction
  • Drive your product roadmap and measure feature adoption

Data analysts Indicative

  • Get insights in seconds, not days
  • Analyze the full customer journey, not just a piece of it
  • Unlock behavioral analysis not possible in SQL

What our customers are saying

Stanley Altshuller

"I have nothing but great things to say about Indicative. It’s an integral component in allowing us to better understand our customers’ journeys, ranging from identifying trends throughout different customer segments, to analyzing the behavior of a specific role. Indicative empowers my team to ask and answer their own questions regarding customer flows and product engagement on a daily basis."

Stanley Altshuller
Founding Partner and Head of Product, Novus
Emily Herring

"With Indicative, I can analyze the complete customer journey without writing a SQL query or needing a data analyst. Indicative joins our customers’ interactions across our paid media, communication channels, mobile application, and website into one cohesive view, empowering my team to measure the efficacy of their work and answer their own questions on a daily basis."

Emily Herring
Head of Marketing, INWEGO
Steve Grycuk

"Indicative is an important part of the customer data transformation at Dow Jones. The intuitive platform empowered us to use data in ways that weren’t previously possible. Through Indicative, we can better understand our customers and create personalized experiences, allowing us to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention."

Steve Grycuk
Chief Experience Officer, Dow Jones
99 Designs
Dow Jones
Creative Live

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